I am another you

by barrow burrow

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This album has been a long time coming.

Between holiday recording sessions, so many conference calls, and plenty of remixes, we managed to finally finish the thing. I am another you is the first project recorded from soup to nuts at the Swordpaw HQ studio space in Troy, New York. Frank Moscowitz put on the final mastering touches at Blackdog Recording Studio.

Please Enjoy!


released December 20, 2012

Mitch Masterson - Bass, Keys, Laser Beam, Vocals
Dylan Palazzo - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jack Rosenberger - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Baritone Horn, Accordion
Ian White - Percussion, Vocals

Mixed by Mitch Masterson and Mastered by Frank Moscowitz



all rights reserved


barrow burrow Blacksburg, Virginia

Barrow Burrow’s name comes from the winter I spent in Alaska, where out of necessity, I discovered that I could write a song. Barrow - the northernmost town in the United States - signifies my relocation north. Burrow - an underground home a mammal lives in to protect itself from harsh weather - signifies the time I spent recording in my apartment waiting for the winter darkness to subside. ... more

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Track Name: Too late
It's too late
I'm already gone
There is no reason
To stay and wait
It's too late
Time has passed us by
No question on why
Or what to say

I've spent all this time
Crafting this crime
Just to find myself behind
The barrel of a gun
When I should have just run

But, it's too late
Life has passed me by
No reason to cry
I've earned this fate
Too late
All is past now
No question on how
Or where we'll go
Track Name: Come visit me
Come visit me at the lecture hall
I will be free for 30 minutes after class is out
We can meet outside the library
We'll get coffee across the street
Who knows what we'll talk about???

If you're busy, then just give me call
We can meet later this week
And I promise not to pout
Come visit me before the end of Fall, 'cos
I will be across the sea 'til the next semester's out

I can't see
Why you won't talk to me
I'm not as needy as
You might think
Track Name: I would shovel your driveway
I will shovel your driveway
Even if it only snowed lightly
Even in the thunder and lightning
I know that's not likely, but
It's happened before!

I would shovel your driveway
Even if it has to be nightly
'Cos afterwards you'd always invite me
In for some coffee
Or cocoa and s'mores

Isn't it obvious, that I would do anything just to hang out with you?

I would shovel your driveway
I'd even shovel it manually
So we won't waste fossil fuel energy
Besides your car's buried
And the gas tank is empty
Track Name: Trust me (free download)
Trust me
Nothing ever good comes from over-thinking
And nothing at all comes from no thinking
A way in between can be a life long pursuit

Before heading out on my own
I'll phone everyone I know
And falsely promise to write often
"Cos deep within I know I am really rotten
Track Name: Avant-garde is easy
We are the cutting edge of the knife in your side
We are the people dressed in black
Throwing objects arbitrarily
At the movie screen

This is not art
This is obscene
This is not art
This is obscene

Avant-garde is easy

There once was a composer who sat in a room all alone
He wanted to hear a total absence of sound
But all that was there was a low humming
And a high-pitched ring was all that he found
Track Name: Reset
I feel as though I am repeating myself
The sequence ebbs in the undercurrent
And it rocks my boat
And it pulls me underneath

I think this time I have defeated myself
One can only play outside for so long
Before catching a cold
Or falling from a tree

Even the sun needs to repeat itself

I can see the lawn needs reseeding
The morning cold is gone, the frost is fleeing
I have slept away
The winter's white decay

Oh I've been out too long I'm barely treading
The tide is far too strong, I am regretting
Drifting far from shore
But I've been here before
Track Name: First divorce
We were just kids kissing in the hall
I held your books
I held your hand
Our parents were allies
And we never once stepped out of line

I made a point to purchase some topaz
On our two week anniversary
There was tension in my eyes
I thought that one day you would
Marry me

But are you just a girl who happened to be here when I needed you?
You didn't have to be perfect
I just needed someone to hold on to

I close the door and drew a portrait
Made of scribbled hearts and X's
I've never been good with bad news
Or understood how to learn from life's lessons

So it's up to the lines and loops
To guide me back on course
This is so selfish but it's like that
When you go through your first divorce
Track Name: Too late, too late
I'm nervous all the time
And I don't know why
But I deserve this

It's too late
It's always too late
Track Name: This road is not a road
As I drove through time
My mind became a highway
The landscape was always there
Even when I closed my eyes

The fields flew by
The mountain drew nearer
As time passed the road's edge vanished
Until the pavement finally succumbed

The forest swallowed the off-ramps
The sea absorbed the rest stops
But I continued
Despite my lack of visibility

And in this limbo between now and never
My arrival did not come
My departure was non-existent
I could not locate this place on a map

The only mark of time
Was land's reclamation
And its heartbeat aligning itself
With mine
Track Name: Not the way
This is not the way I thought would end
This is not the way I thought would end
This is not the way I thought would end
This is not the way I thought would end
This is not the way I thought would end
This is not the way I thought would end
This is not the way I thought would end
This is not the way I thought would end